April 14, 2024

Make your customers happier with the Magento Referral Program extension

Referral Program extension

You are always connected to others, no matter what you are doing. Even if your company is based entirely on the internet, you must still deal with others. And if you want to achieve your objectives and obtain what you desire, you must get along with the people around you. Otherwise, you may find yourself in a difficult situation. Customers are your top concern, thus it’s extremely crucial to develop strong communication with them in online stores. There would be no one to sell to if there were no humans. Why is it critical to have a positive relationship with your clients? Customers’ loyalty is what determines whether or not they want to buy from you, promote your store, or help you grow your brand. Satisfied customers with a high degree of loyalty will never abandon you. Furthermore, they will invite others to visit, increasing overall productivity.

What can you do to boost this number? One of the most effective methods is to set up a customized referral program with incentives that demonstrate how valued your customers are and how profitable your shop is. The most assured approach to becoming better, more popular, and more successful is to motivate people to acquire your things and remain your clients.

Everything about reward points in Magento 2

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To see how it all works, have a look at the list of potential incentives for your clients. We chose to depict only a few of the possible possibilities because portraying all of them would be worthless. Users may be rewarded for a range of behaviors, such as registering, purchasing, promoting your website on social media, celebrating an anniversary, and referring new clients via a unique referral link. 

Of course, you have the option of limiting the payment alternatives available to clients. It’s just as crucial as the last one. What exactly are your responsibilities? This module may be used to set active rules, expiration periods, point collecting times, the number of spending points (per order), commodities that customers can purchase with points, program participants, and so on. Additionally, the balance may be adjusted manually. When you earn a large number of points in a short period of time, your loyalty skyrockets. Points can also be used to compensate for mistakes. If this user has a problem that your support staff needs to or can’t solve, give him or her more points.

Bonuses for new guests

People are asked to help people who are in need. For their efforts, applicants should be rewarded. Thanking existing customers for bringing in new customers is great, but compensating them is even better. This is a fantastic method to boost your stimulation levels! You might be able to get reimbursed by the person who initially introduced you to you. The referral program increases the likelihood of new consumers staying longer and spending more money than existing customers.


Customers should be informed that there is a limited quantity of available points. Customers are informed that their points would expire in a week, which encourages them to spend more money.

Returning bonuses

Customers who have gone dormant for a lengthy period of time can be reactivated. Make sure your consumers are aware that you are thinking about them. If they haven’t checked in in a long time, you may either reveal them or compensate them with a module. When the balance changes, customers are alerted, which motivates them to return and take advantage of the new opportunities.

The referral program and other benefits

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Because the plugin works with so many different eCommerce platforms, it gives you all the tools you’ll need to set up, manage, and customize a successful referral program. Your imagination is the only thing that limits you here. In other words, by utilizing Magento’s referral program, you can quickly develop your own unique ways of motivating others. As a result, your store will always be exciting and one-of-a-kind to you.

There is a psychological component to many approaches for strengthening the seller-client connection that should not be overlooked. It is tremendously beneficial to have a genuine army of followers ready to defend your interests and rally behind you.

Better leads

The new customer’s quality is a crucial factor to consider. People love to encourage others who share their interests, so reference programs are a terrific way to acquire friendly, helpful advice.

Special offers 

Encourage individuals to participate in a variety of activities, such as social media sharing, as previously said. This has a geometric growth trend, implying that it raises average commitment while attracting a large number of users to your website.

Personal approach

Personal approach

The most important thing to remember is that keeping existing consumers is far more valuable than finding new ones. As a result of your efforts, you may be able to spend less while earning more. Why? Everyone can be trusted, and those that believe in you are always willing to put more money into your company. The Reward Points add-on offers a fantastic way for both parties to secure these favorable terms – a loyalty program. Everything, including social media posts and other actions, receives points. Because these awards are only accessible at your company, customers are more inclined to return.

The more you buy

Clients are more likely to purchase bundles of goods with other items if they receive bonus points. This will assist you in developing a cross-selling strategy. marketing a certain item Regular discounts should offer additional incentives based on points. Customers will have to pay for their points again, making this a far better offer.

Levels of shoppers

Consumers are organized into tiers. Tiers are used to categorize clients into discrete groups. Because each level has its own set of limits, the number of points gained and available for redemption changes each level. The higher the tier, the more advantages your customers will enjoy. To advance to the next level, you must spend more points and buy more items. It’s also a psychological trick to encourage consumers to compete and produce subpar work until they attain the highest level possible. That is a fantastic loyalty program.


Because advertising is so vital in this business, make sure your referral and loyalty programs are well-known. With the plugin, you may send special discounts and notifications to your most loyal customers. You have total control over when, how, and when information is sent to customers. First and foremost, select where you want your information made public. It may be the shopping cart or the reference pages, for example. You may want to advertise specific goods to enhance sales. When a customer chooses one item, for example, you will remember that you have other related things in your store and that purchasing more will provide them with further benefits. Customers must be kept up to date with a variety of services and information. This is useful since it eliminates the need to double-check the quantity on the page.

Dashboards and tools

A comprehensive dashboard is available. The Magento referral program plugin is also used to provide a separate dashboard where users can view all of their loyalty and referral programs’ current limits, levels, earnings, and transaction history. A global URL can be used to lead visitors to this page. The importance of a positive client experience cannot be overstated. Educate your clients on all of the main program features while they are exploring your inventory. Ensure that everyone is aware of the problem!

View all the necessary information

A complete list of all transactions may be seen here. In the admin panel, you can quickly see each user’s full history of points earned and spent. For a more in-depth analysis, special reports are supplied. It’s critical to determine whether such software is appropriate for your current ruleset. Special reports will provide you with all of the data you need to keep track of your whole income range.


Mirasvit’s Magento 2 Reward Point module is currently the greatest solution for improving customer loyalty. As you can see, this is not only a tool for making the buying experience more delightful, but it’s also a helpful and effective instrument for growing your online business. So don’t miss out on this opportunity and get it right now!

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