April 14, 2024

The Magento Mass Product Actions extension to simplify routine

Mass Product Actions

All owners of online stores have the same problems, no matter how big their shops are. Even if some issues are not actual anymore, they probably faced them earlier. Thus, the problem of manual product updates is familiar for each person who sells goods on the internet. This takes a lot of time and it’s also quite boring. Moreover, this time could be spent on something more urgent. This means that you are losing money while updating all the items from your catalog. Especially if you have to do it regularly. Unfortunately, default Magento doesn’t provide any special tool to facilitate such processes. That’s why some stores cannot compete with others. What can be done in a situation like this?

To not lose clients and keep on top, we offer you a special module for your Magento-based shop that automates product updating and allows you to pay attention to more essential things. The program is extremely easy to use, so you will have no complications upon installation and use. Just read this article and learn more about the plugin!


category settings
  • With this module, you don’t have to click a tremendous number of times to do what you need. The average volume of scrolling and clicking is reduced to its minimum, which is pretty handy in terms of product updating. 
  • No more dropdown menus each time you want to choose some additional options. Just use special buttons at the bottom of the page to get what you want. This is much easier than scrolling down menus. 
  • Time means money. In any business, time plays a vital role because it defines the amount of money you are able to earn. So this plugin provides you with the possibility to spend time making money instead of doing a routine job.

New Product Actions

  • It’s annoying when you have to spend hours just to assign products to the right categories. Now, you can complete this task in a few simple clicks and make a perfect structure for your site.
  • Child products should also be appealing. Add or delete images to several items at ease to make them look better. It’s especially useful for bundles. 
  • If you want to apply the same options to another product, there is no need to repeat the entire procedure — just copy options as a template! 
  • With the help of this plugin, it’s also extremely simple to set up related-, up-sell-, and cross-sell sections. To do this. you can use the following options: add/remove products, copy related products from a certain SKU, link products you select with added ones, delete all goods.

Improved Product Actions

price settings
  • Updating attributes has never been that simple before. Just choose which attributes you need and modify those attributes in a pop-up window without opening a new page. This saves a lot of time as well. 
  • Change product attribute sets using this add-on for fast reclassifying. Regarding systematization, this is a great tool. 
  • Get better control with less effort. When it comes to updates, price is one of the most popular parameters to update. So if you want to make it easier, install this module and facilitate the process by adding different values, a fixed sum, or a percentage from the total sum. This can save you an enormous amount of time in case of various sales.

Easy Updates

  • Make the necessary changes right now. After you click the Process button, the module performs all of the pre-built Magento bulk product activities. You don’t need to wait for Magento to finish the work using Cron. You may still use Cron to schedule a Magento mass product options update, which will reduce the burden on your server and let you do the update when it is least busy. 
  • Large queues should be avoided. It might take a long time to update tens of thousands of goods in bulk. These jobs may be delegated to cron so that you don’t have to worry about them interfering with your other backend processes.



Q: Can I use this extension with multi-vendor marketplace plugins at once?

A: This module allows a Magento site to assign and reassign characteristics, sources, and product pricing, among other things. On a marketplace with several sellers and their items, for example, our addon allows bulk allocation of manufacturers to products or other product qualities.

The Magento tools are compatible with this add-on. If the marketplace module used to transform a Magento 2 into a marketplace follows Magento’s normal standards and guidelines, it should work with the Mass Product Actions extension.

Q: What can be set up before using the add-on?

A:  Following its installation in your Magento 2 store, this plugin is ready to fulfill your needs. It doesn’t need to be configured before it can be used. This module also has no end-user customizable parameters that may be changed while using it via the Magento 2 interface.

The add-on provides a simple and straightforward interface for mass product actions that can be accessed from the product catalog page’s usual Magento interface. To understand how to use the extension and become familiar with its interface, consult the documentation handbook.

Q: Is there a limit for the catalog size?

A: This add-on works directly with your store’s database. You have complete control over how you utilize Mass Product Actions to update the properties of one or more goods at once.

The module’s performance is determined by the speed of your server and its current load. The extension has the ability to arrange a large update process using a Cron schedule to decrease server load. Cron may schedule a large update of hundreds or thousands of goods to save server stress, and tiny product batches can be updated instantaneously.

Q: Can I update fields based on the properties of products?

A: Only the product properties may be changed when using the plugin to update products. Although certain product parameters, such as the Search Weight parameter of the product attribute, appear to be their own attribute, they are really fields. On the product edit page, such characteristics may be altered separately for each product.

Q: Can I link products as related?

A: With this extension, you may link a large number of products, such as related, up-sell, or cross-sell items. This module offers a number of different ways for items to communicate with one another. The user has the option of simply specifying the SKUs for items to connect to, or copying a list of such connected products from an existing list for a certain product. A list of related goods can also be replicated in both directions: from the source product to the updated product, and from the updated product to the source product.

Q: How are custom options handled?

A: Magento 2 allows you to add a custom option to your product in addition to the usual characteristics. A personalized engraving on a ring with the buyer’s name might be provided as an example of a bespoke option. 

Mass Product Actions allows you to duplicate an existing custom option from any SKU to the items you’ve chosen. Because the product may already have a custom option, you may replace it with a new one or add a new one to the current one using this extension.

Q: Is it possible to use Mass Product Actions to change product characteristics for a certain website or customer group?

A: Default Magento 2 setup allows you to control the appearance of products on individual store websites. The third-party plugin may be used to set up product visibility for the customer group. Assigning goods to the store view or customer group is not possible using this module. On the product editing page, these product visibility parameters can be modified separately. Using a filtering option, you may still mass-edit product characteristics for the given store view. Remove items that belong to a certain website and adjust their properties as needed.


Add Magento Mass Product options to your collection of features to save time and feel more comfortable. Don’t let routine catch you and make you feel like you are not developing at all. Move forward and pay attention to essential aspects of your business. This is how you can become better, and the module by Mirasvit will help you with this task!

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