November 28, 2023

Order management in Magento: how to make it better

Order management

We all live in an interesting period with a lot of different opportunities. Today, there is no problem in making your own business because progress has made it possible to move almost anything to the internet where there are no borders and no limits. We can connect with people thousands of miles away, get information about anything in the world, study, and even start relationships on the internet. That’s why one of the most popular business phenomena now is eCommerce. Many people create online stores and start selling goods across the globe. However, it doesn’t mean that it’s a super simple task that requires no skills or effort. You have to consider plenty of details to run a successful company. Regarding online shops, one of the most essential elements here is order management. The way people can order goods and the way you deal with this is what makes you either a good seller or not. 

To be a reliable, popular seller, you can use a special extension for Magento 2 that helps you manage all orders properly. Thanks to the intuitive use, there is nothing complicated to reach your goals with this plugin. So don’t waste your time and make yourself familiar with the possibilities of this extension!


The default functionality of Magento 2 is not flexible enough to provide you with the possibility to establish a good order management system. For example, you are not able to edit the majority of order details, which means you always have to create new orders in case of some issues. This is too time-consuming and inconvenient. Moreover, it increases the risk of making new mistakes. Besides, without the plugin, you cannot view all the necessary data in the grid, which also disturbs the work of managers because they have to view each order separately. 

The plugin solves all these little problems, allowing you to improve your store productivity. You can modify the grid and edit orders as you want to meet your business needs. It’s easy to change order details, add new products, and apply various discounts, for example, without closing an existing order and creating a new one. This is the best way to increase the speed of operation and provide you and your customers with the best user experience. Plus, it’s possible to use the preview feature before applying changes.

Add new products or edit existing ones

the order tab

To make everything work faster and facilitate a great number of tasks, you can use the following options: 

  • Add/Remove products 
  • Alter the price of items 
  • Modify items’ quantity 
  • Change taxes 
  • Choose the amount of discount

You can also edit information about order and account

The extension lets you alter order tracking details. It’s possible to change the following parameters: 

  • Order status  
  • Order number 
  • Order date

Payment and Shipping Method

With this software, there is nothing to worry about in case the payment or shipping method was changed. Unlike in default Magento, you can easily edit:

  • Payment data
  • Shipping & Handling data

Custom numbers for documents

a customers numbers example

Identification numbers — it is what makes it easier to find the necessary order. However, they look not neat enough. With the help of special prefixes and suffixes, you can match transaction numbers to your business needs, which is pretty handy. Add variables like shop ID, order counter, random number, current time, and date to get the most appropriate representation format for your store. 

For invoices, shipments, and credit notes, copy the order identification numbers pattern or adapt them for each document type. 

If you’re migrating from another platform, order counters may be used to populate your new shop numbering with data from the old one.

Before making a change, preview and compare how a new numbering system would appear on any form of the issued payment document. 

The multi store view is supported by the module. Each store in your Magento instance can have its own unique identification number.

Tags for orders

Using order tags, you may easily navigate through your orders. Filter orders by tags to discover the ones you need quickly.

With the color-coding of the tag labels, you may quickly identify the order’s primary qualities.

To highlight orders that demand the greatest attention, fill the order row in the grid with unique colors. You have complete control over how color coding tagging is configured.

Set conditions for the automated order tag in addition to applying tags to any number of orders. You may also manually specify order tags if you choose.

Tags may be added to orders in a variety of ways. To emphasize the most significant order tag, assign them a priority level.

Everything in one place

Extend the basic Magento 2’s restricted quick view features to receive all relevant order information on one screen. On your store’s orders list page, you’ll be able to see important information about items, billing, and shipping thanks to our module.


View information about items in any order at ease. Here is what you can view:

  • Item thumbnail
  • SKU
  • Item type
  • Available options for each item
  • Quantity and cost of an ordered item



One of the outstanding features is that you don’t have to open orders to view billing details. All the necessary information is available in the order grid:

  • Invoice Number
  • Billing Address
  • Telephone


The plugin also allows you to add new columns with shipping information. Here is what you can view using this feature:

  • Shipping Number
  • Shipping Address
  • Telephone

Order quick view

With the Quick View option, you may save time while viewing orders by obtaining details more rapidly.

In the orders list, click on the order number to see a side-sliding window with all of the order’s details.

Open the Magento edit order form from this side-sliding window, or shut it to see information on another order.



Q: What is the purpose of the plugin?

A: Order administration may be a difficult task for businesses, but with the aid of a Magento extension, it can be made easier in certain ways. The module enhances the functionality of the order view grid, which allows store employees to keep track of orders placed in the store, by offering tools to correctly manage orders in a number of ways: 

  • Thanks to the plugin, this grid may now display additional important information on orders, such as information on ordered items, billing, and shipping. It makes managing Magento order statuses a snap. 
  • You can get entire order data with a single mouse click while staying on the same page with the Order Quick View feature. The data is shown in a side-sliding pane. You may rapidly obtain information and continue working without having to visit the purchase page to read it, avoiding the clutter of many open tabs on your web browser. 
  • Use the Orders Tags functionality to make navigating and searching for orders with the appropriate attributes easier. You can easily find the orders you need by utilizing tags to filter them out. Tags can be assigned to orders based on the given requirements.

Q: Is it possible to add new items to existing orders?

A: The plugin extends Magento 2’s capabilities by enabling you to make changes to current orders. The list of ordered items is completely under your control. For example, you can replace one version of an ordered item with a different variant or a whole new product.

Q: What else can I edit in orders?

A: With this add-on, you can alter all parts of an order, including the order number and date, billing and shipping addresses, and payment and delivery methods. You may also exclude or add any product from the order’s list of requested products. You may also adjust the number of things ordered, taxes, pricing, and discounts.


The Magento Order Management Software is definitely the best solution to control all orders in your shop, simplifying the operation process and providing customers with a better user experience. Since it’s not complicated to start using the add-on, this solution suits everyone. Besides, it also suits shops of all sizes, helping you save time and earn more money. So if you want to become better, then you should try this extension right now!

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