April 14, 2024

Advanced Layered Navigation extension for Magento 2 and how it works

Layered Navigation

To develop an online business, you must consider every detail in order to provide clients with the finest features, the easiest usage, and the most delightful experience possible. Customers who are happy with your service determine how much money you can make, how popular you are, and who will select you over your competition. As a result, make sure you’ve done everything you can to make your website as efficient and user-friendly as possible.

The module we’re going to show you today is the finest helper in this task. Install this program to increase your productivity and performance several times with only a few mouse clicks. The add-on features a simple interface with strong capabilities for adjusting and optimizing your Magento store’s functioning.

The guts of the plugin

Why is this a must-have add-on for you? One of the most important aspects of your website is its usability, which has a huge impact on conversion rates. You may benefit from the following features with the aid of this add-on: 

  • Make the layer navigation as good as it can be. The loading speed may be substantially boosted by using AJAX technology. Furthermore, the filter system has been improved – new filters have been added, and they are much easier to use. It’s also possible to create unique designs. 
  • To make exploring your collection easier, you may add new pages. Make one page for all brands or separate pages for each.
  • Use AJAX technology to create an infinite scrolling function, or add a Load More button.

Enhanced URLs

examples of URLs

Improve the SEO and human-friendliness of your URLs. This plugin allows you to reorganize all URLs in order to make them more aesthetically pleasing. Modify metadata, regulate crawler visibility, remove duplicate material, and use the ‘rel’ attribute to govern filter link transfer.

Brand Pages

Create different pages for each of your store’s brands, each with its own URL and logo. Specify the required brand information that will be shown, as well as SEO-related data like robots: robots, canonical URL, and description.

New Filters

The plugin allows you to use the following filtering options: 

  • Automatically generate suggestions for the most frequently used filters. 
  • Allow users to utilize numerous filters at the same time. 
  • Images can be added to filters. 

You may also add additional navigational filters to the mix. You require them to be able to display only specified items:

  • New goods. 
  • Products with discounts. 
  • Available items. 
  • Rating. 

Visual Elements:

  • Filters can be shown horizontally or vertically.
  • The option to Reset Filters can be put above either the main block or the products list.
  • Toggle whatever filters you want.
  • Colors, borders, and other aesthetic options may all be customized.

Enhanced Catalog

Enhanced Catalog

Assist customers in locating their preferred brand

Customers’ brand preferences are incredibly essential in their purchasing decisions, therefore you should go out of your way to accommodate them. The extension may give a list of all the brands in your store on a separate page. It also features a page dedicated to each of the brands. The individual brand page has a logo, a description, and a product list. You may have total control over the visibility of a brand page for that search engine by manually or automatically creating the URL key for that search engine and applying the Store View visibility. Metadata such as the meta title, keywords, and description can be included on a brand page. For a page banner, use alt tags and a title.

Use a special widget with all the offered brands

Create a Brand Slider widget to provide customers easy access to your company’s websites and goods. Place this brand widget where it will best serve your organization’s requirements. It might appear on every page of your website or only on certain pages. Adjust the size of the Brand Slider and the brand images to match the design idea of your store. To make the slider more user-friendly, change the colors of the paging and navigation buttons. Enable the animation auto-play function to make the brand widget more vibrant. Configure the autoplay interval and turn on the autoplay loop. Pausing the animated Brand Slider while hovering the mouse pointer over it will make it more useful. If you have several stores, you may want to have a different Brand Slider for each of your Store Views.


Customers dislike jumping from page to page, therefore it’s best to keep the number of pages they have to load throughout their journey to a minimum. The AJAX scrolling functionality of the module allows you to load additional items in any category or search results page, either automatically while scrolling or manually by clicking the Load More button.

Your complete catalog may be seen on a single page

all products

Your company now has a separate “All Products” page thanks to the plugin. It is more effective to start each consumer’s trip through your product catalog on a single page, then utilize layered navigation to limit down their alternatives. Customers will be exposed to more items as a consequence of this arrangement, and the number of pages they must change will be considerably reduced. Give the All Products page metadata to help with SEO.

Filtering Process

Unlimited options for one filter

By default, Magento does not enable customers to choose multiple attribute values in a single filter. When they go shopping, they have to go back and forth often, which is inefficient. Instead, our plugin lets users select as many criteria as they like.

Simple Navigation

The addon maintains track of the most commonly used filters and highlights them above the product list. This enables new customers to quickly and easily select the most popular criterion, speeding up the shopping process and increasing your site’s conversion rate. It’s especially useful for stores that have a lot of filters and a lot of products. Furthermore, the module guarantees that both smart and regular filters only show attribute values associated with the selected objects. Filters that are empty will no longer be an issue for your consumers!

Make filters more noticable

Magento will show the associated filter in plain English if an attribute, such as Material or Brand, has numerous values. If clients must pick from a wide range of qualities, they may feel bewildered. You’ll be able to upload images to these sorts of effects using this extension. Customers will be able to find what they require much more easily in this manner.

Provide an attribute range with ease

A new slider filter type has been added. It allows you to filter items based on any number of criteria, including price, size, and weight. The sliders will assist any business!

By grouping product characteristics, related products may be displayed

Show related goods to your consumers when they use the shopping filters to discover the product they’re looking for. This extension allows you to bundle several attribute options into a single grouped option. Customers shopping for red clothing may be offered purple and orange-colored goods instead. Another example is when a consumer uses a grouped filter to look for cold-weather gear, and goods for cold, chilly, and windy conditions emerge. Almost every feature of a product may be grouped. For group options that are visible to your clients, use a different label or swatch. Indicate a label for the grouped choices that will be shown individually on your store’s admin page.

Custom Filters

Custom Filters

Leave it on people’s opinion

This filter displays the products with the highest number of favorable reviews, which is perfect for increasing conversions. The goods with the highest ratings are the most psychologically pleasing.

Highlight recent changes

If you offer time-sensitive things like food, fashion, or phones, customers will be especially interested in fresh arrivals. They will really benefit from this filter.

Assist consumers in locating active specials

It’s in your best interests to help visitors locate your specials. This filter is excellent for giving them the extra push they need to convert.

Allow customers to see only the products that are currently on the market

You don’t want to show off out-of-stock things from your catalog since customers aren’t generally interested in looking for something they can’t buy. The Stock filter is the best solution to this problem since it is designed to eliminate out-of-stock items from the product list.

Customers will be able to find what they need much faster

Regardless of the extent of your store’s product catalog, provide your customers a way to swiftly find what they’re looking for. Customers may quickly locate what they’re looking for by using the search box in our Layered Navigation module’s shopping choices on the category page. This search filter may be tailored to the demands of the store by offering a variety of search choices. Among its features may be a full-text search on the current category page and a filter for product attribute options. The search filter can be configured such that both choices are active at the same time. Customers may use the search filter option to filter out extraneous product qualities without having to walk through the entire shopping choices panel. For stores with a large product selection, this panel may be excessively lengthy and frightening. If a consumer wishes to locate clothing for a specific environment, he or she can put “climate” into the search bar and then choose the climatic components that are important to him or her, such as warm or all-weather. There is no need to scroll down to the section on climatic characteristics.


Every store that wants to succeed requires the Improved Layered Navigation extension. Plus, when you choose Mirasvit, you get a variety of incentives. So, if you’re looking for a solution to assist you to grow your company, you’ve already found it!

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