April 14, 2024

The Magento 2 Help Desk plugin for better support

Help Desk plugin

Business is never simple since it needs a significant amount of time, expertise, and understanding. To stay up to date and ready to cope with any crisis, you should always pay attention to what’s going on in real-time. When you’re a busy person who doesn’t want to miss anything important, the last thing you want to do is search the entire website for information. Every minute, people make requests, send you emails, submit support tickets, and chat with your assistants. Is it even possible to keep track of everything on your own without going insane?

Install this Magento 2 extension and let it collect all essential data in a single, easy-to-use help desk. This will help you to save a substantial amount of time, which is critical in any business. There are many useful features to demonstrate in this module!

Welcome to the module!

This module enhances one of your store’s most important features: the customer service you give. It has a significant impact on your consumers’ return rate, which is critical. This extension’s capabilities are sufficient to address any support-related issues. Here’s what your support staff can look forward to:

  • rapid responses to save time; 
  • a WYSIWYG editor to generate bespoke replies that fit any occasion and every customer; 
  • the multi-department function to automatically allocate requests to the correct agent, which speeds up work by a factor of ten; 
  • smart process rules for even more automation; 
  • post-support surveys; 
  • detailed reports for simpler monitoring.

Such adaptable and effective capabilities allow you to keep your customers happy while also increasing your store’s production without spending too much time.

Contact support the way you want it

gues support

It’s critical to allow people to contact your support team even if they aren’t authorized. Many folks either do not have accounts or do not remember to log in. Clients can reach out to the support service in a variety of ways, including: 

  • The left-hand menu’s Contact Us tab. 
  • The Contact Us tab. 
  • The Help Desk tab (for authorized users only).  

Flexible modification

Gain complete control over each and every ticket you receive. The most pertinent information regarding the ticket, as well as the most critical action buttons, are found under the General tab: 

  • the reply button;  
  • the button to set ticket status and priority; 
  • the department-assigning button. 

The reply is delivered to the customer by default, but it can be altered to go to someone else. What is the benefit of it? Customers either don’t know who to contact or are unable to contact the appropriate department/person directly. Customers can be led to third-party receivers to connect with them in private messages or public chats with this plugin. 

Choose the Other Ticket Tab to go from the current ticket to all of the customer’s tickets. You’ll find a list of all the requests you’ve made here. 

More information about the ticket that may be relevant to you right now may be found under the Additional tab. Managers can change the subject of issues and add new tags to help them find them faster.



Information is always important when it comes to growing your business. One of the most effective ways to increase your store’s production and solve difficulties is to do an analysis. In only a few clicks, you’ll have all the information you need. You may view the following information with the aid of the module:

  • the number of new and altered tickets; 
  • the number of answers and solved tickets; 
  • the time it took the team to handle and resolve an issue; 
  • survey metrics and response rate.

Add more information

Create new fields and add them to your request form to make tickets as detailed as possible and help the resolution process go more smoothly. To work quicker, ask your consumers to offer you a cause for contact or something similar. This option is available on the following tabs:

  • native contact form
  • contact tab
  • ticket creating interface
  • popup contact form.

Your clients may easily fill out their inquiries with the Magento help desk plugin, providing you with the most crucial issue-related information!

Workflow rules

To improve compatibility, create unique rules. Workflow rules are the most effective approach to automate particular procedures and save time and money. For example, you may configure the module to automatically dismiss requests that have received no responses from customers for a specific length of time. Here are some more rule examples: 

  • changes the status of all tickets that have received a response to ‘In Progress’; 
  • alerts customers about requests with no replies (you should specify the period).

Other features

linking emails
  • The interface is simple to use. Thanks to a clear design, any user can simply figure out how to seek help with this addon. Customers do not need to fill out a long list of forms; instead, they just need to select the appropriate choices for tickets they generate, such as priority and department. It’s also able to attach files, which comes in handy if you need to show proof of a problem. This aids the support team in finding answers more quickly! 
  • Management of tickets. From a simple tab with the history of created tickets, customers can quickly examine, respond to, or close a ticket. This is both convenient and time-saving. 
  • Conversion is done automatically. Another notable feature is the ability to link email accounts to the desk. This enables you to transform all emails received into tickets. This module uses sophisticated algorithms to recognize and transform emails from clients into tickets, which are then added to the Help Desk. This is especially useful if you have several email boxes for various departments, such as Technical and Sales. This also allows your support staff and customers to respond without having to log in.
  • The backend is easy to use. The Help Desk MX interface makes managing assistance a breeze. In a single tab, the administration can see all of the issues and important facts. Organizing a ticket is a breeze with the aid of the filter system. As a result, you may sort them by date, priority, client, and other factors. If the criteria aren’t sufficient, utilize the search option to locate the required ticket using keywords. Furthermore, the UI may be customized to your preferences, which is fantastic. Choose what to display to customize the extension to your liking. 
  • Surveys of Customer Satisfaction Once the ticket has been closed, inquire about your store’s customer service. This allows you to assess the service’s quality, address concerns, and motivate personnel to achieve the greatest outcomes. Furthermore, such surveys give individuals the impression that they have actual power and that they can make a difference if they are dissatisfied, which is critical in eCommerce. 
  • Access. In the administrative interface, you may manage the permissions of various support departments and managers. This is required to better divide responsibilities and manage work so that no one may access tickets for which he or she is not accountable. As a result, you may limit access to your Sales support staff to tickets involving sales concerns, for example. 
  • SPAM Filtering By preventing spam from reaching your support crew, you may keep it from being overburdened. Set up specific filters to identify SPAM and discard any messages that include SPAM. You may achieve this by using the header, topic, or body filters to build multiple patterns. This option is quite beneficial in terms of time savings and increased productivity. 
  • Notifications by email. Use email to notify your consumers about each ticket if there is something important. The plugin allows managers to make unique remarks on any client complaint. As a result, your clients are constantly up to date on the newest information. 
  • RMA. People occasionally call the customer service team to return items they have purchased. Although this is a support issue, it should be transformed into RMA requests to help the support staff organize their work. You don’t have to do anything because the conversion is automated. A request is routed to the appropriate extension after it has been transformed. 
  • The base of knowledge. Because this isn’t the only Mirasvit extension, it’s only fair to allow for integration with other modules. As a result, you can use the Knowledge Base plugin to allow clients to look for solutions directly from the page where they submit their concerns. Customers do not need to start a new ticket and add to the support team’s workload if you have an answer in your knowledge base.


We are not implying that the default support services are inadequate; rather, we believe that they may be improved! As you can see, the Help Desk System for Magento 2 has a good set of capabilities that may help you increase the quality of your support service and better delight your customers. So, if you’ve been seeking a way to make your business more profitable and popular, this is the solution for you!

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