April 14, 2024

The best page speed booster for Magento 2 ever

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One tip to keep in mind is that time is the most important resource you have. This holds true in any circumstance and in any facet of life. You can acquire money, gain energy, and learn more, but you can never get your time back. As a result, it’s critical to conserve as much time as possible. Time is also important in eCommerce firms, as it is in any other business because the amount of this resource determines how much money can be made. However, we will discuss the opposite side of this subject – from the standpoint of customers. Customers like it when they can achieve their objectives quickly, which means you must supply them with the most convenient and fastest work possible. To avoid making customers wait too long, your website must be quick and well-optimized. How are you going to do it?

To be honest, the answer is very straightforward. Install the plugin that helps pages load quicker utilizing innovative technologies to speed up the functioning of your online business. And we’ll show you how it all works. Let’s get started!

How is it possible to increase the loading speed?

Let’s look at what’s causing your website to take so long to load. After we’ve recognized the problem, we’ll know how to remedy it. As a result, all of the most common causes and treatments are considered valid alternatives. Image optimization and JS and CSS file management are two significant approaches for improving the speed of your website. However, we’d want to begin by providing you with a greater knowledge of the module’s capabilities.

Boosting speed, managing CSS and JS files

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Combining files

Magento JS files include a lot of code even without add-ons. This is one of the reasons it does not provide enough performance to consumers. You will only need to load the relevant JS files if you utilize this module. As a result, the overall weight is lowered sevenfold, and the number of loaded files is reduced thrice. As a result, web pages now load significantly faster. Make sure the Merge JavaScript functionality is enabled to decrease the number of HTTP requests made while refreshing the website.

Heavy elements

The loading process is severely slowed by a large number of resources, such as embedded widgets or other external material. It’s not a guarantee that if you don’t hesitate, you’ll get a good grade. The simplest approach to do so is to load necessary YouTube and Google fonts. As a consequence, the website’s functionality may be kept while the loading time is reduced. The Speed Optimizer handles all background loading. Fonts and videos are two of a website’s most crucial elements. Third-party items, such as integrated devices or other commodities, use a large number of resources and significantly slow down the loading process. It is not a guarantee that you will acquire good quality if you do not hesitate. The best method to remember the main ideas is to watch YouTube tutorials and utilize Google Fonts. As a consequence, the website’s functionality may be kept while the loading time is reduced. The Speed Optimizer handles all background loading.


One of the most common reasons for speed concerns, as you may be aware, is the amount of extra code that a website loads. The Speed Optimizer employs a number of advanced algorithms to reduce file size. This is referred to as minimizing. This capability is straightforward to use: new JavaScript file types are added, and no longer required JavaScript files are removed. Unnecessary text, such as comments and symbols, is removed to minimize the size of CSS and HTML files. As a consequence, pages now load significantly faster. Minification can be enabled for other file types as well.

Specify loading priority

The situation is exactly the same as it was previously. CSS files that you don’t require are loaded when a visitor clicks on a link on your site. As a result, the page no longer works. You may simply avoid such instances if you install our add-on to load specified files in the background after the page is shown. To be ready, download the most important files. Major resources available in CSS and JavaScript scripts can be loaded even if they are not required. This is because browsers are unable to forecast whether or not certain files would be required. This will necessitate a modification to Magento’s page loading speed. The module’s loading order can be changed such that the most essential files are loaded first. This means that a page can be displayed in its entirety even if further files with a lower priority rate are not loaded.

Increasing speed with the help of iImage optimization

Reducing the size


It’s also worth noting that images take up more than half of the page. Isn’t it incredible how much better things might be with fewer people involved? Because Google uses the average speed of a 3G connection as a baseline, you might save up to 20% on file size, which is particularly beneficial for mobile users. This module is considered superior because it supports all of the most prevalent picture formats. Although Google suggests a value of 85 percent for image enhancement, you are free to choose whatever quantity best matches your needs. It’s occasionally a good idea to increase the compression rate even further. You, on the other hand, are completely in charge of your choice. This plugin makes it simple to convert photos to WebP format, which significantly reduces loading times.

Postpone loading

Until all of the photos have loaded, the complete page will not be seen. It’s annoying to wait for images, especially if your internet connection is slow. You have a good grasp of the solution. To postpone the loading of images, use the plugin. Don’t worry, they won’t end up on some stupid website. Everything will be shown normally, with the exception of images, which will be substituted with unique placeholders. The graphics are loaded even more when the user interacts with the website.


What is the most recent version of the WebP format? It’s a brand-new format that maintains image quality while using fewer data. The images are almost double the size of conventional formats. This is quite beneficial. As a result, wherever possible, WebP images should be used. Using the Google tool, all of the images on this page were automatically converted to WebP. The page speed score isn’t very high as a result of this conversion and comparison.

Load some of them in advance

Given the massive amount of high-quality photographs that might impact page rendering on today’s websites, it’s evident that we’ll have to deal with this as well. For example, background graphics may cause the loading process to take a lengthy time. This problem is solved by preloading photographs from devices rather than online storage or servers. This strategy isn’t new, and it works in the same way as the others.

More Functions

More Functions


You’ve completed the initial installation of the PageSpeed Monitoring Tool. With the Magento 2 page speed test, you can see how effectively your optimization efforts are paying off. This allows you to go further into the subject and solve difficulties without feeling rushed. Allow the plugin to gather the information it needs and deliver it to you as quickly as feasible. This function works on both desktop and mobile devices.

Easy management

This is a command line interface that lets you perform tasks such as you’ll have to utilize the command line if you can’t wait for the Cron to start. The command line interface may be used for speed testing, picture enhancement, and photo recovery, among other things. It might be really handy when time is of the essence.


Do you know how fantastic it is to be able to make Magento load faster with only one module purchase? This means you won’t have to seek help, pay money, or waste time trying to get the information and processes you need on your own. Mirasvit has created the Google Page Speed Optimizer for Magento 2 extension that is deserving of being considered among the finest available. Using a simple plugin, you may add color to your daily routine while also avoiding a number of issues. Even if another merchant has a larger company, no one who utilizes your site will ever select him. The reason for this is that your store runs smoothly and provides customers with a fast page load time. Don’t second-guess yourself; just try it out!

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