April 14, 2024

Magento 2 — Follow Up Email for you store

Follow Up Email

Because sellers and consumers are so intimately connected in an eCommerce business, it’s critical to supply your ‘partner’ with all of the resources needed to run a successful business. Communication is, of course, one of the most important aspects of such interactions. The more you communicate, the more you’ll learn about people’s wants and concerns, allowing you to solve any problem and boost overall productivity. To put it another way, if you own an online shop, you must connect with your consumers, telling them of vital news, resolving problems, and urging them to take action.

And if you want to make this process simpler and less time-consuming, we offer a Magento 2 module that can help you create the greatest email campaigns. Simply by pressing a few buttons, you can save a lot of time and make more money. What is the mechanism behind it?

Control your email campaigns and modify them as you wish

the main screen
  • The whole history of your campaign is accessible. View each campaign’s whole history to learn more about its state, trigger, address, date stamps, and other characteristics. Emails with comparable values and attributes can be evaluated using filters. You may use the cron job in the add-on to remove the campaign’s history automatically. 
  • Each campaign, trigger, or letter has its own performance dashboard. The dashboard is required since it allows you to evaluate performance indicators and other important data. This allows you to track the success of your email campaigns and make decisions about your future steps. The following data can be displayed on the dashboard: The click-through rate, the number of recommended purchases and reviews, and the amount of revenue are all crucial factors to consider. 
  • You may verify that your GDPR email campaigns are fully compliant by updating this module to GDPR regulations. Target audience screening, automated smoothing of email history, and automatic data gathering from visitor users are all included in the plugin. 
  • Reports from Google Analytics. The Google Analytics Follow-Up Emails extension allows you to define unique UTM parameters for each email campaign in addition to the built-in data.

Tips on how to build a successful campaign

customer groups
  • Send emails to the correct recipients at the right times. Because the campaign is only launched when specific conditions are satisfied, unlike other Magento operations, you can rest assured that the proper letter will be delivered to the appropriate person at the right time. There are a variety of events that might be used as triggers: User-related events include registration, cart events (such as the abandoned cart), new order events, product-related actions (such as when a client looks for a certain product), and wishlist activities. You may easily create an email campaign target group using a range of criteria thanks to the module’s great versatility.
  • Check to ensure whether your emails are functioning properly. The features of Sandbox will provide you with a full look at how your emails will seem, which is a great method to improve things. 
  • Sending out discount coupons through email is an excellent method to get the word out. In order to re-engage, return, and spend customers, the plugin also takes a tailored approach to each client, automatically delivering discounts and gift cards with expiration dates. You should call a halt to your campaign after you’ve reached your target. Don’t overlook the significance of completing a scheduled email campaign. It’s vital to know when to stop worrying about others in order to avoid getting too worked up over them. As a consequence, the add-on will never send emails if it is no longer required. 
  • Boost the efficiency of your email marketing automation system. You can quit your field once you’ve developed it as long as it has enough good performance indicators. This simple and effective marketing tool is required by any business! 
  • It is not a smart idea to spam your consumers. Another way to annoy folks is to send too many emails. Set a limit on the number of letters that may be sent in a certain period of time to avoid this. No additional emails will be sent until the deadline has passed after the maximum number of emails has been sent.

Alter the way everything looks

  • To make a beautiful visual design for the letter, little work is necessary. This module allows you to quickly create colorful email themes that you can then use to expand your personalization options. 
  • Emails are straightforward to send and receive. There will be no issues. Based on your current needs, you may utilize the built-in editor to create distinctive, colorful styles for your emails. Make extensive use of HTML to achieve your goals. To emphasize what’s important, use a variety of headers, styles, and other elements. For real-time updates, simply check your letter previews on your PC or mobile device. 
  • Email templates are easy to work with. The plugin’s user-friendly interface makes it simple to manage email templates. You may choose what you want from a basic grid of all available templates, or you can start from scratch with a fresh template-based design. 
  • To make your emails more personalized, change the settings. More than 30 features may be used to customize emails, and they’re handy in a variety of scenarios. Personal data from user profiles, cross-sell data, and any other data needed to personalize your mailings should all be included. To accomplish this, just introduce a variable in the letter’s most significant section. 
  • Communicate in the same language as your customers. Let’s not even discuss the linguistic barrier! To guarantee that you are constantly talking in the same language with the persons you are seeking to target with this module, you may either create distinct triggers for each language or utilize translation algorithms. 
  • Connect your social media profiles. Include Twitter URLs to make the letter less official and more informative. 
  • Create a simple one-click link to the abandoned shopping basket. Nobody wants to waste time trying to recall what they had in their basket, so please make it possible for your customers to retrieve their items with just one click! As a result, individuals will be encouraged to keep purchasing. 
  • Cross-sell offers are required to be sent. Emails should be included in a list of cross-selling products. This is a great strategy to increase your total revenue and sales.

Triggers for emails

Triggers for emails
  • Arrangements that have been mixed and matched. The module is ready to use right after installation because it includes the following presets: Abandoned cart recovery solutions include stages such as consumer interaction, engagement, and sales follow-up. Start by activating one of these campaigns. Duplicates can also be customized to meet your specific requirements. 
  • The abandoned shopping cart of a shopper (including guest checkouts). Frequently, your shopping carts are abandoned. With this module, customers may be automatically notified of abandoned carts. As a consequence, you’ll see an increase in conversion and revenues. 
  • Reviews. Checks are critical for online companies since they boost consumer trust in products and retailers in general, as well as influence Google’s ranking. As a consequence, encouraging customers to provide feedback is a great idea. As a consequence, the extension will prompt you to give a review not just when you make a purchase, but also at various intervals thereafter. You can also use the add-on to keep customers up to date on the status of their evaluations, such as whether or not a review has been completed. 
  • Using email to retake control of the situation. Gaining new customers and expanding your current audience is vital, but don’t forget about your existing pals! To let someone know you’re still waiting, send an email to someone who has been inactive for a long period. Allow this module to do the work for you by rewarding your former but loyal customers with little but enjoyable incentives, such as a discount or a contribution. Thanks to good customization, you may create bespoke messages to ensure that you always send the proper email to the correct address. 
  • Suggestions for products. It’s also a good idea to provide product suggestions based on what customers see, buy, or like. This sort of product recommendation can help you grow your business. People consider their requirements. 
  • Wish your consumers a happy birthday to show that you care. As previously said, it is vital to building a devoted relationship with your consumers. Rather than greeting them with huge events like birthdays, why not greet them with significant dates? Tell them something kind and give them a voucher to return to your business and purchase additional things. 
  • Send a message to the new items in an email. Please send me an email. The add-on may send emails with several product views from various perspectives, increasing sales and profits. 
  • Customers must be able to understand and follow directions. Keep in touch with your consumers regarding their orders. Send cross-sell emails or letters to clients, and let them know when their order status changes. 


You may automate such activities with the Magento Follow Up Email extension, ensuring that all of your clients understand what you’re trying to say, increasing your conversion rate, and growing your business while doing everything yourself on time.

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