April 14, 2024

Use Magento Elasticsearch module to get better

Elasticsearch module

Today, Magento 2 is widely used to create online storefronts. This platform enables you to build a fantastic website with all of the essential features. However, there is always a method to improve your website. The reason for this is that the platform’s basic functionality has only a moderate influence on your company’s total productivity when compared to extra modules provided by other organizations. Mirasvit is one of the top Magento 2 plugin development businesses. In this post, we will introduce you to the add-on for your search function. Searching is an essential component of every online store. It connects customers to products, which is critical for eCommerce. People will return to your store and tell others about it if they can simply find what they want. 

You will be able to establish the optimal circumstances for looking for any visitor with the aid of this addon. A clever, smooth, and convenient feature will elevate your website to new heights. With our aid, you can boost your earnings and popularity in a few simple steps. Here’s how it works!

Quick Introduction

The plugin gives you all of the tools you’ll need to get the best results. It improves not just the search feature, but also a number of other issues:

landing page
  • In comparison to the rest of the website, the landing pages stand out. You may develop several pages using your own unique information to improve SEO. Two common needs are data flow control and keeping an up-to-date product catalog. For example, you might create websites that only display related goods in response to certain requests. A terrific feature may be used for a variety of uses. Landing pages are beneficial and useful since they are simple to utilize. Verify that these websites aren’t duplicates.
  • Everything is ready to go. In today’s society, compatibility is frequently a valuable advantage. Smartphones and tablets are overtaking personal computers in popularity. As a result, the functionality of the module is especially useful in mobile versions in a range of situations.
  • Reports. Data gathering and analysis are two of the most important aspects of a company’s success. Changes can be predicted and remedies discovered via analysis to avert problems. As a consequence, you’ll get the information you need, such as the most regularly used search keywords or the top search results, thanks to this plugin. If you know how many searches and clicks you’ve done, you can optimize your results by changing your settings. 
  • Redirecting. What distinguishes the journey from the destination? It would be terrible if clients couldn’t get in touch with you. Every 404 error page is monitored and updated to guarantee that it is never seen by your potential consumers. Instead of being sent to the erroneous website, all visitors are forwarded to the chosen URL. Customers are more likely to remain and research your organization if this page has relevant information. Not only does this method save time, but it also saves money. Elasticsearch for Magento 2 can direct you to the proper size if you’re seeking a certain result.

Make your search feature work faster and more efficiently

mobile interface

Everything is available in the web version of your store. That is, you may seek for it if it exists. As a consequence, everyone who visits your website will notice how much simpler and more enjoyable online shopping is. For further information, see the following list of possible content categories: 

  • Additional third-party plugins are also available. Other systems and materials may be searched for plugins by this module. You may achieve greater results by combining Magento’s capabilities with those of other sources. 
  • You were the one who thought up the brilliant idea. To build a report that your clients will like, combine data from a variety of sources. This information now appears in the search results as a result of the addition. 
  • All product attributes are considered during the search process. 
  • All of the matching categories are visible to customers. 
  • The add-on allows customers to view the values of the features they’ve selected.
  • A content management system was used to build the pages. All of the application’s main web pages are also accessible.

Let it do the job for you

The second advantage of auto-filling is that it saves time for clients by allowing them to do searches more quickly. During the creation process, customers are urged to choose from a number of choices that anticipate future purchases. When consumers type in a product name, the TypeAhead function searches the shop for the most common requests to help them select the best alternative. Elasticsearch users have access to a fast mode. Some of the advantages of being able to do so include: 

  • Here are some of the most frequently asked questions. As a result, the vast majority of people can see just what they want. Using the top search rankings, you can find the most well-known items or special offers.
  • Having a varied variety of resources is critical. This search yields, not just product names, but also other details. Users may be able to quickly identify the necessary page, for example.

New options for searching

New options

This plugin has a lot of flexibility and setup choices. Because of the foundation engine’s speed, customers may find items in milliseconds. This is advantageous to you since it has a big influence on customer happiness and sales volume. The package currently includes the following components in terms of speed: 

  • The navigation is multi-layered. This plugin is faster and consumes fewer resources than a typical Magento MySQL call. The use of intelligent layered navigation boosts performance while lowering server load. 
  • Scaling. A different method is required for large catalogs and high-traffic websites. This add-on uses a cluster to share data over several servers, allowing your website to function more quickly. 
  • Algorithms for intelligent recommendation You may not have the necessary items in stock at any given time for any reason. The module offers the most comparable results currently available to prevent offending consumers looking for this item.
  • Purchases with a common theme. Because not all clients know exactly what they want, it’s your job to help them find it. Displaying popular requests so that customers may find similar purchases that are now trending is one way to aid customers in identifying what they’re looking for. 
  • The system supports a number of languages. Users may choose any language from a menu using this add-on, regardless of the language they speak. This gives everyone on the planet access to your website, which is really beneficial. 
  • That is a precise lookup. Use ISBN and SKU numbers as search parameters to locate particular items. This is a great way to find out what you want if you already know what you want. This will save you a significant amount of time. 
  • There are a few nice surprises in store for you. Allow clients to search for things even if they have no idea what they want. To indicate sections that are unknown, a special ‘*’ symbol will be used. 
  • Don’t place your trust in words. Another tool that assists clients in finding exactly what they’re looking for, even if it’s not currently accessible. To increase the precision of your search, simply build a list of terms. 
  • Auto-Correction. If this plugin was not installed, all incorrect requests would be ignored. Meanwhile, the module automatically corrects any incorrect terms, ensuring that clients receive the finest results possible. 
  • A Google integration option is available. You might be able to find what you’re searching for by using the Sitelinks Search Box. This service allows customers to find your business directly from the Google search results page, boosting your overall conversion rate. 
  • Check out a couple of other stores. Users may search all of your shop views at once. Select the store views you wish to include in the Multi-store search. 
  • Highlights. Point out search results for a more efficient and pleasant search.

The benefits of choosing this module

The benefits

What exactly is the point of this add-on? It has to do with a more powerful and convenient search tool, as you may be aware. It’s significantly easier to go over each feature and evaluate the module’s full potential and capabilities on your own if you’re concerned about the module’s structure and principles. What are the advantages and disadvantages of incorporating this feature? Elasticsearch may be used for a variety of purposes. Let’s look at each ingredient one by one to be sure you’re on the correct track.

Because it analyzes all queries and gives clients innovative solutions, this application understands precisely what you want. On the opening page, there should always be something readable to entice readers to continue reading. After making a particular request, you may also change the position of other components on the page.

Morphology is another key factor to consider. It’s terrible when people commit mistakes that don’t lead to an inquiry. That is an abnormally high degree of danger. The plugin employs smart algorithms to offer morphologically acceptable search results that are similar. 


The integration of Elasticsearch into Magento provides them with a plethora of new options and prospects for company development. Your store sorely needs a simple, effective, and user-friendly search tool. This is what draws people in and inspires them to tell their friends about your business. Don’t wait for a good chance to come your way; make your own with the Elasticsearch Magento add-on!

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