April 14, 2024

Adding an advanced block with Related Products for Magento 2

Related Products

Let’s quickly state the main idea of the topic: everything is connected. Thus, the eCommerce niche is connected with different sciences, such as marketing, economics, and so on. However, there is one aspect that is usually underrated or left unnoticed — the psychological aspect of the business. You are closely connected with people because they are your main resource here. Customers make your company relevant, popular, profitable, and necessary. Without people who need to buy goods, you won’t be able to sell at all. That’s why it’s pretty essential to understand the needs of your customers and be flexible in your decision. Based on various studies, it’s possible to predict what people choose. In other words, you can sell more products by suggesting something useful for every new order. This makes both of you benefit from a deal, which is a great opportunity to enhance your business.

With the add-on we have found, there is absolutely nothing complicated in creating a block with related goods, carefully picked by special algorithms to meet people’s preferences. Simple setup and powerful features make this plugin a must-have for any store on the internet. So, you can start using the module and get profit after you read this article. Let’s go!


In the world of eCommerce, related items are nothing new. To grasp the working concepts of this module and the possible benefits of using it, you must first understand what we’re talking about. That’s why we’ve made the decision to collect as much information as possible on add-ons and suggestion systems in general.

As previously said, this tool will encourage your consumers to purchase more items, resulting in more revenue for your business, which is critical for any organization. Magento’s basic features are insufficient to meet the demands of the great majority of users. Furthermore, everything must be constructed by hand. It’s tough to add relevant items and maintain them up to date on your own. It also irritates you, making it difficult to concentrate on more pressing issues. If you have a large catalog, this may take hours, which is unacceptable.

Peculiarities of the module and working principles

related products

If you want to create an online store using Magento, you’ll need a unique block with related goods. To put it another way, a group of things should be purchased together. When a customer is browsing a product page, for example, he or she may come across such a barrier.

If you want your customers to buy more, you must present them with relevant items. As a result, your sales will increase. To avoid scaring customers away with superfluous alternatives, make sure the suggested product is a good match for the one they’ve picked. It’s dreadful when a company attempts to sell you something you don’t desire. However, it looks to be a lot of fun when you get regular, individual responses.

Where can I find things that are comparable to what I’m looking for? Assemble the block with all of the required parts so that it may be shown wherever. What you’ll discover there is as follows: A product page, a category page, a customer page, and a cart page are all examples of web pages.


The add-on ensures that your website runs smoothly and without complications by handling everything for you, including cross-linking relevant goods, purchasing them, and rating them. The research considers overall income, as well as the number of views, clicks, and orders. The plugin adds a slew of additional features, including advanced up- and cross-selling strategies, while also boosting your conversion rate, sales rate, and overall customer engagement.

As you may be aware, today’s culture is incredibly fast-paced, with individuals hurrying around at all times. That is, they do not dedicate a significant amount of time to a particular issue. In order to avoid losing clients and maximize revenue, we must also keep their attention. This implies you only have one shot to create the best product possible. Fortunately, the extension we’re working on today can determine which connected item is the most appropriate for each inquiry. It also has alternatives for constructing adaptable supply algorithms, so you may receive actual Magento automated items without any difficulties or specialized experience. Take a look at the changes that have been made:

  • Customers’ actions. Special algorithms examine data on what consumers buy the most frequently.
  • Purchases made before. This links the things that are now selected and those that were previously picked.
  • Rules for product filtering.
  • The rule for sorting products.

Useful Data


Without a solid analytics basis, nothing is possible. This will allow you to see current challenges, predict future ones, and have a better knowledge of the business. Fortunately, the Magento 2 Related Products extension gives you all the information you need to understand the current situation. Customers’ reactions to your offer, as well as their behavior and other statistics, are displayed in this section. All of this information might be important in fine-tuning the add-on to get the greatest results.


Q: Is it really that beneficial in terms of the total revenue of my store? 

A: The default functionality in Magento 2 for creating related product packages involves a lot of manual effort. Related items must be manually identified by default. This is a time-consuming and exhausting procedure with little flexibility in terms of product recommendations. Customers may be enticed to spend more if they are presented with additional identical items when shopping. This increases income, increases average order value, and strengthens your customer relationship. With this add-on, Magento may automatically show clients relevant and legitimate offers of connected goods. You can alter the associated product block and cross-link goods without having to do anything manually using this plugin. Utilize the full potential of your product portfolio to boost sales.

Q: Can two blocks be embedded simultaneously? 

A: On the main page, you may add many blocks to a single placeholder at the same time. The main issue is that the correct implementation of this feature necessitates extensive human tuning. To effectively organize numerous blocks in a single placeholder, you must deactivate native blocks. On the module’s configuration page, you may accomplish this. Only one block is displayed when many blocks are placed in a single native placeholder. While combining two blocks of suggested products into a single native block is not possible, you may do it elsewhere on the page. It is vital to use the placeholder if you want to achieve your objectives quickly. If you want to see how everything works in real-time, see the product demo for more details.

Q: Why do I need Related Products at all?  

A: To begin with, it’s a powerful and effective instrument for increasing the average bill in your online business. Customers frequently forget about particular products they intended to get. Alternatively, they may require a gentle prod or a tip regarding any other items that may be necessary. You assist consumers in finding what they’re seeking and discovering new things by recommending numerous relevant products. Furthermore, you may sell items in a bundle pack to provide your consumers with a more thorough shopping experience, enhancing your store’s image. You may show a consumer that you care by proposing other goods and giving them what they desire. You’ll also get analytics to help you understand and optimize the effectiveness of all your product offerings. As a consequence, you’ll be able to increase both client loyalty and earnings.


Automatic Related Products for Magento 2 is not a usual tweak for your website — it’s a special tool that equips your store with extremely powerful, high-efficient features capable of boosting the sales rate multiple times. With such a plugin, you can build a pretty lucrative, successful shop that will be popular among thousands of people around the globe. The best part of it is that it’s absolutely easy to work with the extension. The interface is intuitive, and the majority of processes are automatic. This is one of the best solutions for Magento stores so far.

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