February 28, 2024

Magento advanced reports as the way to understand business

advanced reports

No matter what you do, you have to research this to achieve success. Monitoring and analyzing data is an integral part of any business because this is the key to realizing the situation on the market, your current problems, and your business needs. By analyzing different information, you can solve existing issues and avoid potential ones. Moreover, you can always know exactly what customers want. It’s even possible to predict trends, which is extremely beneficial. With the help of comprehensive reports, you can increase your sales and become a leader in the market. However, the default functionality of Magento 2 doesn’t provide users with the possibility to view all essential details. This means that you are always one step behind other competitors who know more about their shops and clients.

To fix this disappointing situation, just install the module designed by Mirasvit and enjoy the most detailed advanced reports ever. Simple interface, intuitive use, and powerful capabilities will make an expert in the field of analysis in a matter of seconds. Using such a great plugin requires no special skills, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time figuring out how it works or searching for specialists. Anyway, let’s learn more about the capabilities of this module!

New potential

the interface

The most crucial aspect of analytical reporting is that it comprises all of the data necessary to increase overall productivity and sales. Unlike Magento’s core operations, this plugin uses the most recent facts and statistics, including those that haven’t been supplemented with any extra information. This is a must-have feature for any eCommerce company. So, what exactly is the point? Because the application comes with a range of ready-to-use reports, it’s simple to learn how to use it if necessary. You may examine your sales, orders, and customers from a number of perspectives. You are aware of the areas in which you need to improve. As a result, you have a good chance of obtaining further sales information in certain locations. You may create a unique and dynamic virtual map for each region by selecting the function. You may adjust the map to look at smaller regions if necessary. Due to the sale, transportation, and client overview, country filters may be regarded as one of the most useful tools. Knowing where you need to put in more effort, for example, in advertising, may help you generate a lot of money.

Available for smartphones and tablets

We all use our phones for a variety of reasons these days, from communication to entertainment to business. In recent years, the mobile sector has expanded tremendously to make our lives simpler. It is no longer required to keep up with the news on massive computers. Every mobile device, including the plugin under consideration, has a function that should be optimized. You might be able to get a substantial discount on your smartphone reports. This is a must-have tool for people who are continuously on the move. Dashboards may be accessed by scanning QR codes with the camera on your smartphone. You may be confident that essential updates or other material will not be overlooked.

The full list of functions

a dashboard

The module is a multi-tool for a variety of data and analysis-related tasks. This plugin grants you access to capabilities that standard Magento users do not have. And walking you through all of the alternatives is the greatest way to illustrate the product’s genuine value. So, let’s take a look at what you’ll get:

  • Dashboards that are interactive as well as helpful. You may modify your dashboard to make it simpler to get the information you want. This add-on allows you to customize your dashboard by altering the widgets. You may save both time and money this way. The advanced dashboard delivers more critical information than the basic dashboard. The dashboard may also be shared without the need for administrator access, which is a terrific feature. Join the dashboard to obtain all of the information you want. 
  • There are several clustering levels to choose from. Based on your preferences, you may now categorize and generate tables of various sizes. This function boosts overall performance and frees up your time for more vital duties. Users are unable to enter data in the regular Magento version without the use of additional plug-ins and configuring settings. 
  • The table now has new columns. It can generate many more columns than the number of regular columns, which is more than adequate for most needs. You can compute as many columns as you want with the columns you construct. To add a column, use XML setup. 
  • There are a variety of viewing choices available. The add-on may also be tweaked to ensure that users get the most out of it. You may pick from a range of charts, including the histogram. You may use columns to display categories. You may also make it simple for you to keep track of each transaction’s status. 
  • Furthermore, the plugin allows you to edit existing templates or even build new ones, improving the setup’s versatility. To create something unique, utilize the integrated tool to produce a report with a user-friendly design and valuable features. You have total control over what you see, allowing you to arrange everything precisely the way you want it. Any business, like every strategy, has its own set of secrets. Simply copy one of the reports and alter the settings to create a bespoke report. Using the sophisticated Magento Advanced Reports plugin, you can tailor analytics to your individual needs with such accuracy. This is how you may modify current templates to generate new reports that are tailored to your needs. 
  • A number of factors can influence sales. You may pick two dimensions to track your sales and inventory in general, for example. The SKU, or unique identification, of each item, can be searched and tracked. If you’d want to learn more about a certain item. The second dimension is the number of orders. You may use this approach to see how often particular items are purchased and how many goods are purchased in different orders. You can find out how often this happens. You may filter sales and consumers who buy your items at specified periods using data and customer group filters. This improves or degrades your mood while also helping you to have a better understanding of your customers. Which season is your favorite? Who wants to spend more money on weekends? These methods have the potential to increase revenue tenfold.
  • Total Costs Report. You may categorize items by attributes and choose from a variety of possibilities if you need to anticipate overall income over a period of time. This might come in handy in a variety of scenarios. 
  • The site’s articles have been deleted. You just have a few goods, and you can’t meet your customers since you don’t have much to sell. This might lead to a decrease in sales and a financial loss. This report will tell you whether or not you need to take action.


The Magento Advanced Reports extension is really one of the most useful modules for eCommerce businesses. Information is even more valuable than some other important elements, such as high-quality features. However, if you want to make your shop the best on the market, you have to take care of all other aspects too. Luckily for you, with the help of comprehensive reports the plugin provides you with, you always know what exactly you have to do to improve your productivity and become even better. That’s why it’s crucial to learn more every day. Besides, Mirasvit offers great conditions for its users, so it would be rather not logical to not use this opportunity. By purchasing this product, you also get lifetime updates, free support for 90 days, and a lot of documents and instructions. Go and try this extension on your own!

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